Meet the Team

Travel Fit Tours is made up of

Nicky Lundin

Aka | NicNax

Hobbies: Health and Fitness, Cooking, Sports and Traveling
Countries Visited: Kenya, Dubai, Italy, England, Scotland, America
Languages: English
– BA/ BBA Degree
– CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)
– Judges Certificate (2018)
– Running Certificate (1)

A business entrepreneur and digital marketing specialist by profession my passion is in health and fitness.  Prior to CrossFit, my fitness journey began along the mountain trails of Cape Town and following a traditional “gym” routine.

My CrossFit journey began in a small garage gym and from day one was completely hooked. For me, each and every day is an opportunity to grow and improve and the process rather than the destination is the most rewarding.

What I love most is the community and sense of camaraderie within our sport. CrossFit has not only redefined what it means to be fit and strong, but it has also allowed everyone from young kids to grandparents to participate and in doing so become better, healthier versions of themselves.  

I’m passionate about growing the sport and this community and supporting others through coaching and Travel Fit Tours to live healthier lifestyles, achieve their goals and make lifelong friends while exploring new continents. It is this shared passion and vision that brought the Travel Fit Team together and it’s what drives our vision and shared purpose.  

Kevin Rom

aka | prof
Hobbies: Everything health & fitness. Various Sports. Travelling. Photography and Videography
Countries Visited: Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, USA, Mexico, England, Wales, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, France, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, Mauritius, China, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, India
Languages: English
– Physiotherapist
 – CrossFit Level 1
 – CrossFit Level 2
 – CrossFit Gymnastics
 – CrossFit Movement and Mobility
 – CrossFit Aerobic Capacity
 – CrossFit Endurance
 – Catalyst Athletic Level 1 Weightlifting Coach

Years of being a sports fanatic lead me to find CrossFit through an ESPN highlights package of the 2012 CrossFit Games. Within a year I had opened an affiliate and dived head first into the community. I am very passionate about this global community and gain fulfilment by fostering it further. 

In conjunction with this, my corporate life allowed me to develop a taste for international travel and allowed me to further experience CrossFit on various continents and events, including two CrossFit Games. This corporate life also allowed me to develop a skill set around travel, event management and logistics. 

With the three experiences and having organized and managed a handful of CrossFit educational events with International coaches, Travel Fit Tours seemed a natural progression with two other individuals with unique interests and skill sets.